About Mefoar Judaica

Get all your Judaica, wholesale or retail, for the cheapest prices, and get the best service too!

Mefoar Judaica invites you to experience the finest products available to today’s Judaica consumer.

Mefoar Judaica is the home of Talitania talleitim, “The tallit you prayed for”. The industry leader for over hundred years, Talitania has been setting the standards, the others can only hope to match. From the full-length wools and Turkish wools to the more colorful silks to the prayer shawls, Malchut truly has a tallis for everyone. “Your prayers have been answered.”

We’ve created a breathtaking line of Challah Covers and Tallit/Tefillin bag sets. With our 3-D designs, the latest innovation in embroidery, it really must be seen and felt to be properly appreciated. With thick luxurious velvet in rich vibrant colors, it’s sure to enhance any Shabbos table or make a memorable gift for that special someone.

We also carry a huge selection of birkonim, leather booklets and unique prayer cards, including our exclusive line designed by the world renowned “Vachsberg” from Israel – a name synonymous with originality and class. With such a vast selection, you’re sure to find something ideal for your Simcha, special occasion or as a promotional tool.