Tu B'Shvat standup - 243

with jam Tu B'Shvat standup - 243

This practical two-fold contains all of the blessings possibly recited on Tu B'Shvat along with a jar of real fruit jam!

Va'Ani Tefillusi - 932

For The Jewish Woman Va'Ani Tefillusi - 932

This is the most beautiful collection of prayers for every Bas Yisroel. It contains every prayer you can come across throughout the day, throughout the week. It comes in three colors to choose from Pink, Brown and Cream. Contains: -Broch...

Yizkor - 147

Large Yizkor - 147

This large, brown "Seder Yizkor" is a beautiful souveneir for congregations, synagogues, dinners etc. to promote donations. Because in addition to the entire prayer of Yizkor in clear lettering, it also contains a calendar with the don...

Zmirot L'Motzei Shabbat - 139

Zmirot L'Motzei Shabbat - 139

Feel the presence of Dovid Hamelech when using or displaying this authentic Zmirot L'Motzei Shabbat. The guitar blends in so harmoniously with the other Havdallah-themed pictures, thus giving any Melava Malka or Motzei Shabbos affair that special ...

Zmirot L'Motzei Shabbat - V301

Zmirot L'Motzei Shabbat - V301

Enjoy this fine-looking Zmirot L'Motzei Shabbat at any occassion. It features a stunning woven background and the elegant, gold letters "Zmirot L'Motzei Shabbat" gives it its perfect final touch. The lettering inside the Zmirot are very clear and ...

Zmirot Shabbat

Orange-Gold Zmirot Shabbat

Commemorate any event with this finely designed Zmirot Shabbat. Its cream background and delicate frame will surely make this booklet stand out. Make your Simcha memorable: With custom imprinting. (View options) With custom logos or artwork....

Zmirot Shabbat - Y60

Jerusalem Shel Zahav Zmirot Shabbat  - Y60

A Zmirot Shabbat adorned with real-life pictures of Jerusalem is what everyone considers to be a masterpiece. The Kotel, Kever Rachel, an aeral view of Jerusalem and more, form a rich frame on the cover and on each page thereafter. The blank cente...

Zmirot Shabbat - 111

Chabad Zmirot Shabbat - 111

Now you can conduct your Shabbos table with elegance! This booklet features the entire Seder Seudas Shabbos in clear print and with pretty design from inside out. Make your Simcha memorable: With custom imprinting. (View options) With custom ...

Zmirot Shabbat - 128

Shabbat Shalom cutout Zmirot Shabbat - 128

Bring the magic of Shabbat to life with this antique-designed Zmirot Shabbat. The silver goblet and candlesticks as well as the prayerbook on the brown cover, seem to come to life with craftsmanship. The top flap on this convenient three-fold dram...

Zmirot Shabbat - 169

Zmirot Shabbat - 169

A traditional Zmirot Shabbat in a most contemporary design is a perfect combo. The size... the art... the blue lettering inside... It all adds up to a most modern piece. Birchat Hamazon is printed in both Ashkenaz and Edut Mizrach ver...