Hadlakat Neirot - 347

Leather Gift Set Hadlakat Neirot - 347

This complete leather gift set comes with a box of matches, two tealights and our popular prayer book "Aishet Chayil". Suitable for Bat Mitzva souveneirs and for travelling.

Hafrashat Challah Magnet

Hafrashat Challah Magnet

Never again forget to say your Hafrashat Challah when you keep this beautiful magnet handy!

Hagada Shel Pesach - 250

Spiral Hagada Shel Pesach - 250

It's beautifully designed, it's highly innovative, it's a hagadah! The spiral on top allows for a hands free seder. Simply stand the hagada booklet on your Seder table and your hands will be necessary only to turn the pages. It's espec...

Matchbox with Seder Havdallah - 310

Matchbox with Seder Havdallah - 310

Ideal for Melaveh Malkas, weekend dinners, or just for yourself at home. This large matchbox is attached to a booklet featuring the entire Seder Havdallah and Zmirot L'Motzei Shabbat.

Purim Box - V191

Purim Box - V191

Fill up this one-of-a-kind box with your own Mishloach Manot theme for a unique impression. Insert a wine or liquor into the designated spot and it will automatically be tassled up. Also has a special space for gold- stamping in the fro...

Purim Box - V193

Kid Size Purim Box - V193

Treat those cutie Queen Esthers, clowns, policemen, brides and all your little loved ones with this contemporary box. Its sparkling coloring and Purim-themed art makes it a delight to children of all ages!

Purim Gift Box - 190

Goodies Purim Gift Box - 190

This gift box is designed to look like there is an assortment of goodies sticking out, so you don't have to fill it up too much.

Purim Gift Box - 247

People Dancing Purim Gift Box - 247

You'll feel like dancing along with the excited people portrayed on this attractive Purim gift box. Makes an exceptional Mishloach Manos!

Seder Set 180

Crystal Collection Seder Set 180

Glitters with over 1,000 hand sewn pearl beads and 600 genuine Swarovski crystals for a truly Malchusdig Seder Table.

Seder Set 537

Embassy Collection Seder Set 537

Let the wine flow... Because the Seder doesn't start until someone spills their wine. Introducing the latest in stain-resistant beauty. Now with: 100% washable brocade fabric Double-protection plastic cover Don't let sp...