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Seder Set 545

Sterling Collection Seder Set 545

Let the wine flow... Because the Seder doesn't start until someone spills their wine. Introducing the latest in stain-resistant beauty. Now with: 100% washable brocade fabric Double-protection plastic cover Don't let sp...

Tefillah L'Kallah - 404

Gift Box Tefillah L'Kallah - 404

Treat that special Kallah with this unique feminine gift set. The square booklet with crystal flower studs, is a unique four-page booklet including a Tefillah L'Kallah B'Yom HaChuppah as well as a complete Hadlakat Neir Shabbat. To finish off the ...

Tu B'Shvat Box - 614

Tu B'Shvat Box - 614

Tu B'Shvat Box.

Tu B'Shvat Gift Box - 358

Mini Tu B'Shvat Gift Box - 358

This petit box is simply adorable! Present it either on Tu B'Shvat and at any occassion!

Upsherin Box- 303

Upsherin Box- 303

Add some goodies to this colorful box, and everyone will be delighted! The inside cover has all the Alef Beis in bold, blue lettering. Insert a picture in the front cover for a dramatic effect.