Purim Gift Box - 245

Blue Purim Gift Box - 245

In most attractive Purim design, this specialty box will please adults and children alike.

Purim Gift Box - 246

Wine bottle Purim Gift Box - 246

The wine bottle on a wicker-basket design, makes this gift box a beautiful piece. The size is great, so go ahead and fill up you Mishloach Manos baskets!

Purim Gift Box - 247

People Dancing Purim Gift Box - 247

You'll feel like dancing along with the excited people portrayed on this attractive Purim gift box. Makes an exceptional Mishloach Manos!

Purim Gift Box - 248

Flowers and Pearls Purim Gift Box - 248

This box is elegantly designed with a rich cream background, roses, flowers and pearls.Great for Mishloach Manot every age.

Purim Gift Box - 373

Horse and Buggy Purim Gift Box - 373

Sweet Horse and Buggy Purim Gift Box great for Mishloach Manot.

Purim Gift Box - 469

Lavendar Purim Gift Box - 469

Make an impression with this classic gift box, whose lavendar stripes give it an aura of simplicity and attractiveness combined!

Purim Gift Box - 500

Cake Purim Gift Box - 500

Decorated like a scrumptious cake, this box will delight anyone you send it to.

Rosh Hashana Gift Box V163-164

Rosh Hashana Gift Box V163-164

The source for creative and original ideas is endless here at MalchutJudaica! This beautiful Rosh Hashana kit is perfectly designed to suit your need of representing yourself with a super-special gift. Thewood- looking, cardboard pack...

Seder Set 180

Crystal Collection Seder Set 180

Glitters with over 1,000 hand sewn pearl beads and 600 genuine Swarovski crystals for a truly Malchusdig Seder Table.

Seder Set 505

Regency Collection Seder Set 505

Let the wine flow... Because the Seder doesn't start until someone spills their wine. Introducing the latest in stain-resistant beauty. Now with: 100% washable brocade fabric Double-protection plastic cover Don't let spi...