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Tu B'Shvat Booklet - 242L

Leather Tu B'Shvat Booklet - 242L

This booklet includes: Birchat Me'ein Shalosh, Birchat Hamazon (in both versions), Sheva Brachot, Hafrashot Challah, Tefillah al Ha'Illanot, Tefillat Ha'Shla, Perek Shira, Nishmat Kol Chai and more... Make your Simcha memorable...

Tu B'Shvat Gift Box - 358

Mini Tu B'Shvat Gift Box - 358

This petit box is simply adorable! Present it either on Tu B'Shvat and at any occassion!

Tu B'Shvat standup - 243

with jam Tu B'Shvat standup - 243

This practical two-fold contains all of the blessings possibly recited on Tu B'Shvat along with a jar of real fruit jam!

Wine Bottle Rings

Wine Bottle Rings

Enhance your Mishloach Manos even more by dangling this pretty ring over the wine bottles in your basket.

Zmirot Chanukah - 136

Chanukah cutout Zmirot Chanukah - 136

This pretty Hadlakas Ner Chanuka is a standing two-fold which features all of the Chanukah blessings and songs. Measures 4.5 x 6.25 inches. The lovely cutout decorations will surely make this piece strike out at any occasion.

Zmirot Chanukah - 141

Chanukah Sameach Zmirot Chanukah - 141

Enhance this Chanukah with our one of a kind Zmirot Chanukah Sameach. Includes all of the Chanukah blessings and songs as well as Birchat Hamazon, either in Ashkenaz or Edut Mizrach versions. This four-fold is designed with heavy ...