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Va'Ani Tefillusi - 932

For The Jewish Woman Va'Ani Tefillusi - 932

This is the most beautiful collection of prayers for every Bas Yisroel. It contains every prayer you can come across throughout the day, throughout the week. It comes in three colors to choose from Pink, Brown and Cream. Contains: -Broch...

Zmirot Shabbat - 353

Leather Zmirot Shabbat - 353

This semi-soft leather bound Zmirot Shabbat is intricately designed to enhance your Shabbos table. The large format of this Zmirot Shabbat enable extraordinary pleasant reading.

Zmirot Shabbos - 302L

Leather Zmirot Shabbos - 302L

Whether for a wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sheva Brachot or any other occassion, this Zmirot Shabbat is sure to remain a fond memory, long after the occassion is over! This Zmirot has a rich leather cover and clear print. Make your Simcha memorable:...