Gift Boxes

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Aishet Chayil - 405

Gift Box Aishet Chayil - 405

Treat that someone special with this unique feminine gift set. The square booklet with crystal flower studs, is a unique booklet including a couple of prayers for each Jewish woman. To finish off the special look, it is encased in a sweet, matchin...

Besomim Holder - 214

Tefillin Shaped Besomim Holder - 214

Enhance the tabled at your upcoming Bar Mitzvah with this fabulous souveneir. This tefillin-shaped keepsake contains a handful of aromatic besomim. Furthermore, there is an especially designated space on the bottom where you can stuff any candy of...

Besomim Holder - 376

With booklet Besomim Holder - 376

This besomim bag comes in a variety of colors. Each bag has a two-fold card with the blessing "Gut fun Avraham" attached to it.

Gift Box

Violin Shaped Gift Box

Violin shaped Gift for any occasion, great for Mishloach Manot.

Hadlakat Neirot - 347

Leather Gift Set Hadlakat Neirot - 347

This complete leather gift set comes with a box of matches, two tealights and our popular prayer book "Aishet Chayil". Suitable for Bat Mitzva souveneirs and for travelling.

Mazel Tov Gift Box

Mini Mazel Tov Gift Box

This petit gift box is adorable on its own, but also matches great with our benchers #251 and #252.

Mitzvah Train - Magnet 944

Kupele Collection Mitzvah Train - Magnet 944

Mitzvah Train w/magnet cars.

Purim Gift Box - 190

Goodies Purim Gift Box - 190

This gift box is designed to look like there is an assortment of goodies sticking out, so you don't have to fill it up too much.

Purim Gift Box - 245

Blue Purim Gift Box - 245

In most attractive Purim design, this specialty box will please adults and children alike.

Purim Gift Box - 246

Wine bottle Purim Gift Box - 246

The wine bottle on a wicker-basket design, makes this gift box a beautiful piece. The size is great, so go ahead and fill up you Mishloach Manos baskets!