Wonderful Album - 926Y

3-D Wonderful Album - 926Y

When reading this book you only need to put on the glasses, and soon you will find yourself in another world, stunning landscapes and feel dimensions, youll be attracted to beautiful scenes to which this book will lead you.

The far places become a realty, tangible objects become prominent, you can almost touch and realize them ... You are astonished to see the branches sticking out in front of your eyes, the animals running against you , every thing is so alive before your eyes, allowing you almost to touch and feel it.

Combined with special glasses to enjoy the wonders of the creation.

Additional pair of glasses available

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Product Details

Pages 75
Artist Y. Vaksberg
Material Hard Cover
Height 8.5in (21.5cm)
Width 12in (30cm)
Comes with glasses that makes it 3-D
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V926YV926Y $37.50 $37.50

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