Rosh Hashana Gift Box V163-164

Rosh Hashana Gift Box V163-164

The source for creative and original ideas is endless here at MalchutJudaica! This beautiful Rosh Hashana kit is perfectly designed to suit your need of representing yourself with a super-special gift. Thewood- looking, cardboard pack boasts abooklet of Tefilloth for the Tishrei along with a lovely jar of honey. The design on the outside features Rosh Hashana symbols in strong colors, as well as golden decoration.

Includes: Birchat Hamazon, Sheva Brachot, Bracha Me'ein Shalosh, Seder Eruvei Tavshilin, Hadlakat Neirot L'Rosh HaShana-Yom Kippur-U'Shmini Atzeret , Tefilla Le'Achar Hadlakat HaNeirot, Kiddush Leil Rosh Hashana, Minhagim for Rosh Hashana, Kiddush for the first and second day of Rosh Hashana, Seder Tashlich Hadlakat Neirot L'Yom Kippur, Tefilla L'Achar Hadaladat Neirot, Birchat HaBanim, Tefilla K'Shenichnasim L'Sukkah, Seder Ushpizin, Kiddush Leil 1 De'Sukkot, Seder Netilat Lulav, Kiddush L'Yom 1 De'Sukkot, Kiddush Leil Shabbat Chol HaMoed Sukkot, Kiddush L'Yom Shabbat Chol HaMoed Sukkot, Tefilla K'Sheyotzim Min HaSukkah, Kiddush Leil Shmini Atzeret V'Simchat Torah, Kiddush L'Yom Shmini Atzeret V'Simchat Torah.

Make your Simcha memorable:

  • With custom imprinting. (View o ptions)
  • With custom logos or artwork. (View o ptions)
  • Quantity discounts available. (Contact us for details)

Height: 7 inch
Width: 4.5 inch
Depth: 2 inch
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AshkenazV163-164A $9.90 $9.90
Booklet in Nussach Ashkenaz.

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