Zmirot Chanukah - 141

Chanukah Sameach Zmirot Chanukah - 141
Enhance this Chanukah with our one of a kind Zmirot Chanukah Sameach. Includes all of the Chanukah blessings and songs as well as Birchat Hamazon, either in Ashkenaz or Edut Mizrach versions. This four-fold is designed with heavy silver embossing and a picturesque window peaking into the Chanukah scenery. A must!

Product Details

Pages 4 fold
Artist Joel Vaksberg
Material Laminated
Height 8.75in. (22cm)
Width 4in. (10cm)
Color Brown and Silver
List Price Price
AshkenazV141A $2.60 $2.60
Used by Ashkenazim and Chassidim.
Edut MizrachV141EM $2.60 $2.60

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