Birchat Hamazon - 252

Cutout Stand-up Birchat Hamazon - 252
This modern, state-of-the-art birkon is a graceful addition to any affair. The gold, cut-out words "Bruchim Habaim" sticking out on top of a stylish striped foundation will surely make this lovely two-fold stand out.

Product Details

Stamping Color Gold
Pages Two-Fold
Artist Y. Vaksberg
Material Laminated
Height 6.25in (16cm)
Width 4.5in (11cm)
Color Beige/Multi Stripes
List Price Price
AshkenazV252A $1.80 $1.80
Edut MizrachV252EM $1.80 $1.80
Used by Ashkenazim and Chassidim.

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