Shema Koleinu - V155

Leather and Cream Shema Koleinu - V155

"Good thin gscome in small packages," they say. And that is absolutely true with this adorably petite booklet Shema Koleinu. However small it is, it contains all of the following:

Tefillat Haderech, Tefillat Haderech BeEviron, Shirat Nishmat, Igeret HaRamban, Parshat HaKetorat, Tfilla BeTzurat Menorah, Tefilla Le'Hatzlacha, Segullah LeShmira, Tefilla al Parnasa, Tefillat HaShlah, Tefilla Avot al Banim, Segulla to find Aveida, and Birchat HaMazon V'Sheva Brachotin Ashkenaz and Edut Mizrach versions.

Use as a most creative and appreciated souveneir or gift!!!

Make your Simcha memorable:

  • With custom imprinting. (View o ptions)
  • With custom logos or artwork. (View o ptions)
  • Quantity discounts available. (Contact us for details)

Product Details

Stamping Color Gold
Pages 48
Height 3.5in (9cm)
Width 2.5in (6.5cm)
Color Cream
List Price Price
CreamV155 $1.50 $1.50

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