Va'Ani Tefillusi - 932

For The Jewish Woman Va'Ani Tefillusi - 932
This is the most beautiful collection of prayers for every Bas Yisroel. It contains every prayer you can come across throughout the day, throughout the week. It comes in three colors to choose from Pink, Brown and Cream. Contains: -Brochos HaShachar -Ani Mamin -Igeres HaRambam -Tefillas HaDerech -Tefilla al Shemiras Haloshon -Tefillas Bonim al Avos -Seder Hafrashas Challah -Perek Shira -Birchat Hamazon -Sheva Brochos -Krias Shema al Hamita ...and more...

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Product Details

Stamping Color Silver
Pages 96
Artist Y. Vaksberg
Material Leather
Height 6.25in (16cm)
Width 7.25in (18cm)
List Price Price
AshkenazV932P $20.00 $20.00
AshkenazV932B $20.00 $20.00

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