Birchat Hamazon 186L

Birchat Hamazon 186L

This beautiful large, leather-looking hard-cover Birchas Hamazon was designed by Joel vaksberg, a world-renowned artist from Israel. The large clear print is surely a plessure to the eyes of kids and adults alike.

This Bencher booklet, has eight (8) high-quality pages.

Product Details

Pages 8
Artist Y. Vaksberg
Material Leather Look
Height 9.75in (25cm)
Width 6.75in (17cm)
List Price Price
AshkenazV186LA $13.20 $13.20
The Ashkenazi version is typically used by Jews descended from the medieval Jewish communities of the Rhineland valley (in the west of Germany) and northern France.
Edut MizrachV186LEM $13.20 $13.20
The Eduth Hamizrach (or "Edot HaMizrach", or "Mizrahi Jews") is typically used by Jews descended from the Jewish communities of the Middle East, Central Asia and the Caucasus. Also known as "Sephardic", "Mizrahim", "Sefardic", "Sefardi".

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