Siddur Shabbos Shel Malchus - 791

For Young Children Siddur Shabbos Shel Malchus - 791

A Beautiful release!

Fully illustrated Siddur for Shabbos/Shabbath for children.

With this siddur in front of him, your child will be attracted a long time to the words and pictures that describe the wonderful agenda of a Yid on the holy day of Shabbos,and in the same time he will have a spiritual and educational enjoyment.

The dialect and format of the pages are specially modified and interesting for children, that both, the very young and the older kids will turn and read the pages with joy.

This Siddur includes Sabbos Tefillos, Zmiros Shabbos, Birchas Hamazon, and Havdalah.

Product Details

Pages 125
Artist Y. Vaksberg
Height 12in (30cm)
Width 9in (22.5cm)
Depth 1in (2.5cm)
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V791V791 $37.00 $37.00
V791PV791P $64.00 $64.00
Siddur Shabbos Shel Malchus with protected plastic/laminated.

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