Seder Shirei Mitzvas - 403

With Tabs Seder Shirei Mitzvas - 403

Order of the Taryag Mitvas.

The Shirei Mitzvas by Rabbi Yonasan Eybeshitz zt"l, is the Taryag Mitvas according to the Rambam Zt"l.

Rabbi Yonasan Eybeshitz zt"l had made seven different ways of saying the taryag mitzvas, one way every day, its divided with tabs. Its a wonderful segulah for Haztlacha and grace.

An additional two tabs have Birchas Hamazon and Me'en Shalosh

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Pages 42
Artist Y. Vaksberg
Material Soft Cover
Height 7.75in (18cm)
Width 6.75in (16m)
Color Light Silver
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Seder Shirei Mitvas

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