Havdalah Set - 351

Everything you need for Havdalah Havdalah Set - 351

This Two-Fold laminated Havdalah Set has everything you need for Havdalah on Motzei Shabbos, Seder Havdalah, Me'en Shulesh, and Gut Fun Avruhum in Yidish and in Hebrew. Plus an Havdalah Candle, Besomim, and a small box of matches, and everything in its own campartment.

Product Details

Stamping Color Silver
Pages Two-Fold
Artist Y. Vaksberg
Material Laminated
Height 8.25in (21.5)
Width 5.25in (13.5cm)
Color Brown
List Price Price
Havdalah Set Ashkenaz - V351AV351A $15.90 $15.90
Gut Fun Avruhum in Yidish and Hebrew
Havdalah Set Edut Mizrach - V351EMV351EM $15.90 $15.90
Gut Fun Avruhum in Hebrew only

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