Zmirot Shabbat - 574

Nushech Meshulev Zmirot Shabbat - 574

Zmirot Shabbat booklet with unique Grey Marble design.

Includes Hadlakas Haneirois, Birchat Habanim, Kiddush and Zmirot Shabbos, Havdalah and Zmiros for Motzei Shabbat and more.

Birchat Hamazon is in both versions, Ashkenaz and Eduth Hamizrach.

Product Details

Stamping Color Gold
Pages 64
Artist Y. Vaksberg
Height 6.5in (16cm)
Width 4.5in (11.5cm)
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Nussach MeshulevV574 $3.40 $3.40

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